Fire Alarm & Detection System

Fire Alarm & Detection System

Intelligent and quick smoke sensing detectors, enabling safe evacuation

hotel automation system


building automation system for hospital


metro automation system

Metro Stations

office automation system

IT/Corporate Offices

Security System

Security System

CCTV systems for e-surveillance (to control, monitor & record any place, any time over internet or a network connection).

CCTV systems for bank hydrabad


CCTV camera for Educational Institutes

Educational Institutes

security system for malls banglore


airport automation system company delhi


Building Management System

Building Management System

Offers comfort and energy savings by controlling HVAC, lighting and other critical processes. Integrates environmental, energy, security and fire safety system into powerful management tools

Building Management System for pharma

Pharma Plants


Building Management System BPO company

Industrial Application

Building Management System Industrial Application


Public Address System

Public Address System

Digital voice over I.P. integrated solution with different types of speaker and controllers

Public Address System metro


Railway Public Address System delhi

Railway Stations

Airport  company


Public Address System for schools


Nurse call System

Nurse call System

Integrated communication between nurse patient and doctor. Offers control of highlighting and air conditioning system

Nurse call system products india


Access Control System

Access Control System

Access control through biometric / smart card / proximity card / Retina scanner, restricts unauthorised entry, and offers attendance report.

Honeywell access control system


Honeywell access control system delhi

Strong Rooms

access control system tollplaza

Toll Plaza

access control Parking Lots

Parking Lots

Gas Supression System

Gas Supression System

Suppresses fire through clean environmental friendly gases, minimising ozone depletion

Gas Based Fire Suppression System

Data Center

Gas Based Fire Suppression data centre

Record Rooms

oil Gas Based Fire Suppression

Oil & Gas

Gas Based Fire Suppression


PA  System

Honeywell Life Safety System brings you Variodyn the world’s only 'All in One System', with more functionality, flexibility, clarity and complete reliability. The one you need for today's emerging and complex world.

Variodyn is one system which truly defines the term “All in One System”. It allows automatic evacuation under permanent surveillance, signal distribution, flexibility of integration with other systems, extension of existing system, improved performance and user friendly.
Benefits : The VARIODYN D1 network configuration opens up new horizons: multiple system units can be networked and even whole networks are involved. It's easy with good standard equipment via Ethernet. Even the diagnosis on the World Wide Web is possible.